Secret in Rainforest-Nonggang Forest Park Visitor Center
Release Time:2021-05-19
        Nonggang Forest Park is located in the typical karst landscape and dense virgin forest by the border of Guangxi. The local climate is hot and humid, and there are many eucalyptus trees around it. 
        As the reception and experience center at the entrance of the Park, the architect hopes to awaken the visitors' keen perception of nature, and take the eucalyptus branches collected around as the main material to enclose a group of free curved surfaces in a rough way, with light and shadow scattered on sunny days and inverted reflection in the water in rainy seasons. Some rooms are permeable to rain and air, as a space for rainforest experience before entering the Park and displaying specimens of birds and animals. Some rooms use thatched linings to keep out the rain, which serves as a space for leisure and reception. This group of creations between man-made and nature will be the best guide to the pure natural experience in the Park.